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Year 7 pupils have three hours of ICT every week throughout the academic year.  This is used to give them a solid grounding in all of the key software areas that they are likely to need for their other subjects.  We also aim to get pupils thinking about how reliable and valid different sources of information might be, particularly the internet. 

In Years 8 and 9 pupils have one hour of ICT a week all year, as well as one hour of Computing for half of the academic year on rotation with the Technology department.  In these lessons we build upon their ICT abilities to use the skills that they have developed across the key software applications. 

From Year 10 on ICT is optional.  Pupils can enroll on the Cambridge Nationals, which is a two year course comprised of 75% coursework.

In the Sixth Form pupils can opt for GCE Applied ICT.  In the Lower Sixth they will need to submit two pieces of coursework and complete an exam on the computers.  This will give them their AS level, and we hope that they will choose to continue with the subject in the Upper Sixth in order to obtain their full A2 qualification.  (Again, these are examined by Edexcel - click here to link to their website from where you can view more information on these courses.)

Each year group is given weekly lunchtime slot when they may come up to the ICT department to use the computers and to use help on offer from the ICT teachers.  The lunchtime clubs are not only for working on ICT projects.  It also offers pupils an opportunity to call on specialist help in using the computers to research and present work from other subject areas.  Alternatively, pupils may want to use the time to explore software that is not included in their own year group's scheme of work.

The ICT department also offers courses in Business Studies and in Year 10 pupils can enroll on the two year BTEC course (provided by Edexcel exam board).

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