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Welcome to the Science Department.

At KS3 we follow the AQA Active scheme, design to build an in depth understanding of the topics and scientific skills needed for success in the subsequent GCSE course.  The aim of the course is to make science engaging and relevant.  Home learning projects in years 7 to 9 are diverse and allow students to hone their research skills whilst also allowing them to indulge their creative energies.  The topics range from building cell models to exploring the solar system and imagining crimes scenes.

In year 9, students begin studying the AQA GCSE Trilogy Combined Science course which leads to two GCSEs.  In years 10 and 11 lessons increase from 6 to 10 hours per fortnight to allow us to offer specialist teachers for every class for biology, chemistry and physics.

At A Level we offer courses in biology, chemistry, physics and psychology.  The sixth form prospectus is available to provide more information on the provisions in the sixth form.

The department runs popular clubs including chemistry club and weather club on a weekly basis.

We also run a project with Authentic Biology - we are partnered with the University of Kent and are undertaking research into the contraction velocity of muscle proteins in birds.

The science department is proud to be supported by the Stimulating Physics Network to improve the provisions of physics and increase the uptake of physics at a higher level.

The staff in the department and their contact addresses are:

Mrs S Bartlett - Head of Science

Mrs K Brady

Mrs J Chambers

Mr A Christie

Miss L O'Brien

Miss S Rao

Mr A Swinn

Mrs S Tilstone

Mr B Wassell

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