Supporting Pupils with a Visual Impairment

The Archbishop's School has a provision for pupils with a visual impairment.
When pupils come into the Provision they are supported in a variety of ways:

In-class Support

Access through Technology

Adapted Work

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Although the aim of the VI Provision is to promote independent learning for our pupils where possible, we do also support them in class when necessary. This is especially true for pupils in their first year, in order to ease their transition into secondary school, enable them to access the curriculum and provide support for them in practical subjects such as P.E., science and technology. Through their work in class, LSAs gain a clear picture of the demands of the subject and the pupils' needs and are in a position to advise subject teachers on such aspects as useful technology. They also act as a link with VI production staff enabling them to provide enlarged, modified work.

In addition to the support they receive in lessons; pupils from the Provision are fully included in curriculum trips with appropriate support.

Visually Impaired pupils on field trips
All pupils have access to school trips
In the Provision, we currently have two 6th form students who are blind and they have been involved in a wide range of additional learning opportunities outside of school as part of their curriculum this year. These have included a ‘hands on’ visit to the Cathedral where they took an active part in the stonemason’s workshop. A more unusual experience was provided by a trip to the fish counter of our local supermarket.  One of the young men is closely involved with the Thanet Riding for the Disabled Centre and a trip to the stables gave him the opportunity to show his friend the horse bought with the money he had raised from a sponsored tandem ride at school last year.

Blind students at Canterbury Cathedral Stonemasons and at local fish counter
Blind Students at Canterbury Cathedral Stonemasons and at local fish counter 


We have a variety of technology in school to support pupils with a Visual Impairment as the photographs below show. They also show the range of equipment in use; from a Perkins brailler, used to produce the Braille script and based entirely on 6 dots represented by the 6 keys on the brailler, to the very latest in camera technology. This device, called an 'Opti-Verso', can be connected to a laptop and enables the pupils not only to see what is in their textbook or on the board in the classroom, but to take a snapshot of it for later use, such as when doing homework. In addition, we have a range of portable CCTVs available to the pupils which can be easily carried to lessons and enlarge text and diagrams in full colour.

Camera Systems  Low Vision Aid
In-class camera systems and low vision aids


We are able to provide adapted work when required for pupils with a visual impairment. In addition to enlarging the text of worksheets and textbooks, we can adapt them by clarifying the layout of the page in general. Pictures and diagrams can be redrawn or modified.

Example of Modified Work
Example of original and modified Geography diagram