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This is how our recent Ofsted report rated the 6th Form at The Archbishop's School-

“A combination of determined and successful leadership, high expectations and good teaching have combined to make the sixth form more and more popular”

“Sixth form careers guidance is excellent”

“Nearly all learners attained the grades they needed to be accepted by their first choice higher education institution or to move on to employment or apprenticeships”

“Beyond their formal studies, learners are as well prepared for their futures”

“Pupils enjoy the high expectations and the style of the work”

The AAA Employability Award

Beacon School Status Achieved


We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the AAA award from Kent County Council.  After two gruelling days of interviews we were given the award in recognition of our outstanding employability programme.

For more details of all that we have on offer in our Sixth Form please contact Mr Martin

6th Form Voluntary Work

6th Form Assisting KS3 Learning

"We are pleased to advise that several of our Sixth Formers have taken the opportunity to become learning assistants in Key Stage 3 lessons. Not only is this a great benefit to both the pupils and teacher, it also provides an opportunity for our students to boost their CV with valuable work experience."  Mr A Martin

"Assisting a lesson is a great experience. I wanted to give back to the school for all it has taught me and helped me as a student so decided to assist a year 7 geography class in my free periods. I have a great relationship with the teacher and a growing relationship with the class as a mentor. It's great work experience as a teaching role and will really add to my cv. Becoming an assistant has helped me to improve my confidence and allowed me to continue my enjoyment of Geography through helping others. I find it a not only enjoyable experience, but a rewarding experience for myself and the pupils too. I think that anyone who has the chance to become an assistant for a subject should really take the opportunity."  Annie Knight, Year 12 Learning Assistant

Home Learning Club


6th Form Sports Club - Wednesday

A year thirteen student, Josh Tyler, has set up a sixth form sports club with the help of fellow students and physical education staff.  The club aims to build unity between the year 12 and 13 students.  This will help the atmosphere within the school as lower key stage groups will see a united sixth form.  As well as this, Josh wants to show younger students that sport doesn't have stop when you join sixth form.  This is one of the main reason why he set up the sports club.  It includes sports such as netball, badminton, volleyball, lacrosse and table tennis.  He encourages all students to join, whether they have a passion for a certain sport being offered, or not.  The club allows all abilities of athletes to attend and does not restrict male or females to any particular sport.  If you feel as though you want to add some physical activity to your school lives, this club is for you!  Please see Josh for more information.


The Chess League

Since the start of this year, we have as a sixth form, begun to play chess.  Walking into the common room you are always bound to find a chess game to watch or an opponent to play.  I feel this has been a great tool in having a closer sixth form, a lot of fun, and a game that tests your brain even when you’re not doing school work.

The chess tournament has been very enjoyable too.  32 students have signed up and begun to battle it out in a knock-out form to reach the final and claim the title as The Archbishop's School sixth form ‘king’ of chess.

Chess has been a great part of the sixth form this year; we’ve even had people bring in sets from home due to the high demand!  Some have learned to play and discover a hidden talent when they had previously not been able to name any pieces or referred to the pawns as ‘prawns’!  Regardless of whether they’re good at it or not, people have learned a new skill and enjoyed it- better than sitting in the common room and wasting our free periods.  Luke Harvey


'Smart Mondays'


As a new member of the sixth form, the first thing a student looks forward to is being able to wear their own clothes.  Wearing a uniform is a badge of pride, creates an identity for a school and is an important part of being a sixth form student.  This is why the head of sixth form, Mr Martin, has introduced ‘Smart Mondays’.  This is a way for the sixth form to show unity and set an example for the lower school.  The sixth form welcome the smart dress code.  Not only does it make getting dressed on a Monday a lot easier, but it sets sixth formers up as role models for younger students.  It helps to "prepare us for our future" (which is the Sixth Form motto) as many of us will have to wear a suit for an interview and maybe even our jobs as well.

6th Form Social Action

Year 7 Social Club - Tuesday 12:40-1:30

Members of both the sixth form and mentoring teams at The Archbishop's School, led by Sophie O'Rourke, have set up a social club to help Year 7 pupils integrate into secondary school life. The club meets every Tuesday lunchtime in H1 and any Year 7 pupil can attend. Sixth formers and Year 8 members of the school mentoring team will assist in uniting the Year 7s as well as helping them to adjust to The Archbishop's School environment. The club will benefit the sixth formers, Year 8s and Year 7s. The sixth formers gain experience in volunteering work, allowing them to widen their options for the future, particularly in relation to university, as well as developing their social skills. The club will assist with the transition from primary to secondary education with first-hand experiences from the Year 8 students who have recently been through the process themselves and from the sixth formers who have had similar experiences. The Year 8s have an opportunity to give something back, having been in the same position themselves last year.

Mentoring Clean-up

This summer, members of the mentoring team, led by our guest Kelly, took up the job of cleaning the school.  These students included both the sixth form and year eight members of The Archbishop's School who wished to be included in helping to improve the local community.  Jobs included window washing, painting, sweeping and litter picking.  These two days were not only about helping the community but also about bonding as a mentoring team in order to work well together in future projects.  To do this, students took well earned breaks for water fights and as a thank you to all of the mentors, they relaxed with a celebratory BBQ including games such as ‘stuck in the mud’ and ’52 bunker’ at the end of the clean up.  All in all, the two days taken out of the summer holidays left the school looking well polished and ready for the return of the students in September.  Members of the team thank Kelly and her team for a fun two days of bonding and creating new friendships.


Mentoring Scheme


Members of the Youth In Action group, including year 9 students and sixth formers, teamed up last week in order to raise money for the Pilgrims Hospice.  Members of the group took part in cake sales and car washes throughout the week.  Both of these events proved successful with 25 cars being washed as well as plenty of delicious cakes being sold.  The total raised amounted to an impressive £852!  In order to celebrate the triumphant effort given by the Youth In Action team, a member of the Pilgrims Hospice joined the school in an assembly to thank students for their generosity and hard work.  She also informed the school that the money raised will be spent on redecorating the residence and funding further events to take place for the occupants of the hospice.  Further collaborations are planned, including carol singing for patients in December and helping out with their annual Christmas fair.



From the Student Leadership Team...

From the Head Boy:

I’m studying Maths, Physics and Music.  Over the past year I’ve found the staff here really helpful in advising me on future career options with my one to one mentoring sessions. The quiz nights have also been great, creating a friendly, competitive side to school life.  In this coming year I hope we can continue the 6th form events and really unite the upper and lower sixth with more competitions.  I also hope to continue my volunteering as it is a good way to build my CV whilst doing something that can help people and make a difference in the community.  I think it’s great being part of the 6th form at the Archbishop’s, with a lively community atmosphere, fun events and good careers advice.  If you are thinking about 6th forms, I would highly recommend the one we have here. 

From the Head Girl:

I take Biology, Physics and Geography A level.  At the Archbishop’s 6th Form there is an extremely large emphasis on the importance of volunteering and how it can prepare you for your future.  Through volunteering at St. Stephen’s and other places outside of school, my CV is now full of impressive and relevant experience giving me an edge in the world of work and when applying for university.  I highly encourage everyone to do some sort of volunteering as the experience you gain is priceless.  I look forward to my final year here at Archbishop’s as I continue to learn and prepare for life after sixth form. 

From the Deputy Head Girls:

I am currently studying three A levels, which consist of Communication and Culture, Photography, Philosophy and Ethics.  Throughout my time as a sixth form student I have been provided with one on one mentoring sessions, speaking to people in the world of work and have been given opportunities to volunteer in specific areas I am interested in.  All of these elements have helped me to decide to go on to study Criminology at university.  Being part of the sixth form has not only equipped me to improve academically, it has also helped me to grow as a person and prepare me for the challenges I may encounter in future life.   I am excited with what this year, as a student of Archbishop’s School, has to offer me. 

For my A levels, I am studying History, Geography and Philosophy and Ethics.  The sixth form has helped to prepare me for my future through its encouragement with volunteering.  The emphasis put on the importance of this has meant I was able to decide what I wanted to do after sixth form. After volunteering at a primary school I realised that was the profession I wanted to pursue.  We are given many opportunities to volunteer within school and they are very accommodating when volunteering outside of the school.  Within my school work I have been encouraged to work independently, while support has still been given when I have needed it.  The teacher’s enthusiasm in their subjects has motivated me to work hard and to achieve the best results I can. If you are looking towards sixth form, I suggest you strongly consider The Archbishop’s School. 

From the Deputy Head Boy:

I take A levels in Photography and Geography as well as a BTEC in PE.  Within Archbishop's I've learnt that voluntary work and attendance are the key to building a good CV.  The voluntary work I am doing this year is assisting within the press team- I work closely with the team in order to provide good, relevant information towards the school website.  This will help me because I am considering continuing photography at UCA or at university. 

6th Form Quiz Nights


Last October we had our first ever Sixth Form quiz night!  It attracted nearly 100 Sixth formers, with 12 teams competing to win 1st prize.  The Leadership team and many others helped to transform the Hall with table decorations, drinks, nibbles and prizes ready for the winning team.   A special mystery guest was invited to join in the fun and give a short speech about their successful career.  This turned out to be James Hemming, a famous radio presenter from Heart FM.  The talk motivated and inspired the sixth form students both with their studies as well as their future careers.  In addition to James Hemming’s talk, there was a musical performance from fellow sixth formers, Ellen Winnie, Beth King, Hannah Taylor and Celia Selvin.  We had a fantastic evening and by the end of the night people were celebrating the success of everyone who took part.  We have already enjoyed more quizzes and are now planning our next one!

Careers Guidance

CXK provide careers advice to our students and we have put together the following links in partnership with them:


A free online library of careers-related films, news and information.


You can research careers ideas here. Please contact your mentor or Mr Martin for a password to access the site.

The Guardian Good University Guide

You can find university information and rankings here.


The site provides career matches and helps you to explore career ideas.  Please contact your mentor or Mr Martin for a password to access the site.

The National Apprenticeships Service

Here you can find out about apprenticeships and what you need to do to get one.

Not Going To University

You can find out about the alternatives to university here.


You can find out about courses, entry requirements and universities here.

Please contact Mr A Martin and Mr J Hodges from CXK for further information.

NCS Programme


Members of our sixth form took part in a programme called The National Citizen Service (NCS).  Their motto is ‘just say yes’ and our sixth form took this opportunity in the summer of 2014.  The school saw the potential in NCS to help students develop skills and learn about helping their local community.  The head of sixth form, Mr Martin, arranged for them to hear a talk on the programme from an NCS representative.  Here the sixth form learned what NCS is all about.  It is split into four stages- 'adventure', 'future', 'making a difference' and 'graduation'.  The programme is known for helping university applications and developing skills such as communication, team work, confidence and motivation.  These are the key skills for future prospects such as university and job applications.  Ellie Martin is a member of the sixth form who took part in the programme.  She stated that her NCS experience enabled her to develop and improve these skills.  The programme was so varied it suited all areas.  Furthermore, Ellie went on to say that she would definitely urge all young people to take part in NCS, as they can benefit from it in so many ways.

You can visit for information about the programme.