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SIAMS Report

SIAMS Report - June 2017

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Values and The Art of Parables

Our school values were chosen as ones that best represent our school and what we aspire to be and do.

These are values that we seek to uphold and act out in all that we do and in all areas of the school community. They were chosen by students, parents, governors and staff together.

They are all based on parables as told by Jesus and each classroom has a copy of them to remind students of the importance of them.

Five works of art (painting, clay modelling and lino cut) were produced by students (mainly in Years 8 and 9) with the close involvement of the Art Department as their interpretations of the five parables from the Gospels that typify the school’s values.  Copies of these art works are displayed in the entrance foyer of the school.


Faith - Mustard Seed - Matthew 13:31-32


Love - The Good Samaritan - Luke 10:25-37


Perseverance - The Widow and the Judge - Luke 18:1-8


Service - The Talents - Matthew 25:14-30


Forgiveness - The Prodigal Son - Luke 15:11-32

The Sanctuary


The Sanctuary is a designated room for Prayer, Reflection, Quiet and Spiritual Growth.

The room has been organised and equipped with a number of different spaces to enable students to compose prayers (using words and arts), to post prayers of intercession, to read the Bible and other spiritual works, to play music and to learn more about the Christian faith, and to find a quiet space in the middle of the day.  There are numerous books and DVDs which students may borrow.  The room also showcases the youth work of churches in the Canterbury-Whitstable area.

The different seasons of the Christian Year (Advent and Christmas, Lent and Holy Week, Pentecost and Trinity) are featured in displays.

All Year 7 students have been taken on a tour of the room and had the purposes of the room explained to them.

Currently the room is open to students for three lunchtimes a week.

On Mondays the Christian Union meets there with input from staff from local churches.  Bible study and prayer are central to this meeting.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays students gather for relaxation, conversation and board games. The aim at this stage is relationship-building with the goal of setting a Lenten challenge to teenagers in Bible reading and prayer.

As a quiet, relaxed place totally different in character and furnishings from classrooms, the Sanctuary is also used as the meeting place for the School Counsellor.

Charitable Giving

At The Archbishop's School, we seek to live out our motto "Enter to learn, go forth to serve".

One particularly important life habit that we want to instil in our students whilst they are with us is the importance of charitable giving.

We have regular charity fundraising days which are organised by the students themselves and the chosen charities are ones that are always personal to our school community.

We have raised in excess of £1000 this year alone for worthwhile causes.  Long term partnerships have also been developed with agencies such as Tearfund and African Pastors Fellowship, charities we are now in regular contact with.  We seek to support, not only financially but with prayer, as well as offering human resources where possible.

We must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, who he himself said "It is more blessed to give than to receive".  Acts 20:35

Baptist Missionary Society Sixth Form Visit - 2017

We recently welcomed back one of our ex-students along with their BMS Action Team to the school to speak about their experiences with our current Sixth Formers.

Action Teams is a Christian gap year programme for 17 - 23 year olds to serve God around the world.  One month's training, six months overseas - in Africa, South America, Asia or Europe - and two months UK mission tour.

The talk was inspirational and our students were challenged to consider ‘Gap Programmes’ such as this for after they have finished their education.  The guests shared how this programme has been literally 'life changing’ and told stories of how this experience has helped them understand better the needs of some of the world’s poorest people.  The Action Team initiative for them had helped to learn new skills, build confidence and deepen their faith and serve others.

Please follow the link below for further information.


Sixth Form Religious Studies Focus Day


The Archbishop's School welcomed Geoff and Michelle from the locally based charity APF.  They conducted workshops that helped our students gain a greater insight into the workings of the charity.   Students looked at issues including what the key economic, social, environmental and spiritual challenges that African Pastors face as they seek to serve and help develop their communities.  The team shared some of the practically based projects that they are putting in place and showed how strategic yet sympathetic implementation is needed for long term sustainability.

The day was engaging, interactive and well received by students and staff alike and we look forward to maintaining a close relationship with this worthwhile charity.

Quotes from our students about the impact the day had on them...

"After this day’s workshop I am now considering spending 2 years as a missionary worker myself."

"The focus day gave me a wider understanding of how the church is helping develop countries worldwide."

"I was taken aback by the real stories they shared and we realised that, as a group, we have the ability to make a massive change to the lives of people in Africa."

For more information, please click on the logo above.

Sixth Form Visit - Tearfund


The Tearfund Acoustic Tour visited the Archbishop's School Sixth Form one Friday morning in September.

The musicians, who are currently touring the country promoting the work of Tearfund as well as their new album, took a detour from their schedule to deliver an extra performance just for us!

The time they spent with us was truly inspirational.  The wonderfully talented professional musicians performed some songs from their new album for us.  The songs were written about the poverty seen in Africa from a recent Tearfund mission to the country and about how the charity seek to "go where Jesus would go."  The music was moving, emotional, powerful and challenging.

The team then shared information about the work of Tearfund and how we as a school could support them.  We heard first-hand stories of the incredible impact that the charity are having, as they work in some of the poorest parts of the globe.

The impact of the visit was clear.  Mr Martin challenged us to consider sacrificing just one trip to Starbucks a month and instead to consider giving £5 per month to this worthy cause.   Many students took away sign-up sheets as they were challenged to consider "what part could they play."  Some of our students even travelled to Ashford later that week to watch the band perform again!  We would like to publicly thank Tearfund for visiting us.


Dedication Service

You can find the address given by Georgina Taylor at our annual dedication service in October here.