Restaurant 58 at the Archbishop’s School with Celebrity Chef, Mark Lloyd

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Posted on / January 25th 2020


For the last 5 weeks, a group of Y10 and Y11 students at the Archbishop’s School have been planning the opening of a pop-up restaurant. Everything from the name, colour scheme, ambience, inviting guests, contacting local businesses etc. they’ve done it all.

On Saturday, with the help of celebrity chef Mark Lloyd, Restaurant 58 opened its doors for one night only. The students were in from 9.30am prepping and cooking the food and then at 5.30pm they opened the doors to their 105 invited guests and served them a dinner of superfood salad, chicken wrapped in Parma ham with butternut squash risotto, and chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-cream and cherry compote. I think that you will agree that preparing, cooking, and serving 315 plates of food would be an impressive feat for 15 adults but the fact that it was achieved by fifteen Y10 and Y11 students is truly remarkable. They really did do everything themselves, watched over and guided by Mark, but all the work was their own. Huge congratulations to Adele, Valmir, Courtney, Will, Kayleigh, Kitty, Sofia, Louise, Damien, and Leo, in Y11 and Nelson, Evie, Shianna, Alfie and Logan in Y10.

The children were told that they could choose what they did with the profits and it is a great testament to the character of our young people that they chose to donate it all to Pilgrims Hospice. Guests at the restaurant were asked to pay what they thought the food was worth and the students also held a raffle.

The evening was a huge success with delicious food served to all. The students were delighted to raise a spectacular £2150 for Pilgrims Hospice and would like to thank everyone who came along to support them, bought raffle tickets, or donated prizes.

The event was generously supported by a number of local business who all donated food, drink, decorations, or raffle prizes:-

Active Life


Broad Oak Farm Shop

Butchers of Brogdale

Butterfly Garden Tea Party

Canterbury Garden Centre

Contemporary Flowers

E. Hedger Family Butcher

The Falstaff Hotel

Roots Kitchens, Bathrooms and Bedrooms


Shepherd Neame

Theatre Trips Kent

Tiny Tim’s Tea Rooms



Quotes from the Students

“On Saturday 25th January 2020 we did our pop up restaurant with Mark Lloyd. The thing that was hardest to do was the ice cream quenelles. We made £2,150 for Pilgrims Hospices. We had to work as a team to get everything out on time. We had 105 people attend the event.  We were one of the fastest schools to get all the prep done. It only took 1 hour and 30 minutes to get all the food out.  One of the best bits was making the chocolate brownie and being able to eat them as well.” Louise, Y11

“Saturday 25th of January 2020, Mark Lloyd had come into the school to continue with our pop-up ‘restaurant 58’. We made a three course meal to serve to willing donators to the Pilgrims Hospice. We spent the day cooking and prepping food for our guests. Mark Lloyd separated us into groups to make the different courses. My group of 4 was making brownies with vanilla ice cream and cherry sauce. Others were making chicken with risotto and another making our starter salad. By the end of the day, the guests started coming and coat rails started getting fuller, tables were prepped and the food was finished and served quicker than expected. The day overall was a good experience and everyone took responsibility in the group. Personally, the best bit of the day was cooking the food to see how we accomplished our serving of over one hundred people and receiving the donations to our supported charity.” Kitty, Year 11

“On Saturday 25th January I went to school at 9:30 to help with the pop up restaurant. Mark Lloyd was the celebrity cook that helped to prepare the food he put me on the main course and during service I was responsible for plating the food and getting it to the pass. Mark Lloyd let me use his own knives to cut everything.” Damien, Y11  

“Saturday 25th January 2020 at the Archbishop’s School we created a pop up restaurant this involved having a celebrity chef Mark Lloyd and 105 guests. All the money we raised which was £2,150 went to the Pilgrims Hospice charity. The day went as expected, everything ran smoothly. Everyone really enjoyed it, everyone participated in the starter, main, dessert and taking the food out to the guests. For me I really enjoyed making and eating the chocolate brownies they were delicious and I really hope to make them again.” Courtney, Y11