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Curriculum Overview

Our Core Purpose is:

The Archbishop’s School believes that the needs of its students come before anything else, and therefore believes in offering a broad and balanced curriculum that offers an educational experience that allows all of its students to achieve high standards and make excellent progress. Students will study a full range of subjects that will equip them with the skills needed to not only succeed in public examinations but also are well matched to the local employment market. The school recognises the importance of offering a balance of both academic and vocational courses that students can study up to the age of 18 and ensuring that it provides equal opportunity for all students regardless of their gender, aptitude, cultural, ethnic or religious background. The Archbishop’s School will strive to create learners that are committed to achieving the best that they can and are confident enough to demonstrate a growth mindset principle of constant improvement.

Our curriculum embodies the school’s Christian values as understood in the tradition of the Church of England. We want our students to enjoy the experience of an education that is distinctive in character, sensitive to their needs, rich in variety and of high academic quality. 

A core purpose is to provide children with opportunities to develop an understanding of the Christian faith. We follow the view of the National Society of the Church of England that:

“the starting point for a Christian curriculum is the experience of God, through the love of Christ, which leads to an understanding of the world, of humanity and a hope for the future.”

The key position of RE within the curriculum, the range and variety of our worship, and the involvement of the school in reaching out to those in need reflect our priorities as a Church of England school. 

The School Values of hope, compassion, wisdom, forgiveness and perseverance are paramount to the curriculum experience it offers students, whilst also ensuring that is also embedded with fundamental British values.

For futher information about our curriculum please contact Mr G Gleadall or Mr R Clarke

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