The Archbishop’s School Co-Curricular Opportunities 

In accordance with our school vision and values our co-curriculum programme assists our students to flourish and fulfil their potential.  Within our inclusive and aspirational learning community, the co-curriculum encourages creativity and inspires minds to be ready for the next step.

As a school community, we are committed to develop every individual, guiding them towards informed life choices and empowering them to take their place in our school, local and global community.

Every Archbishop’s student has their own individual pathway to the future, grounded in the solid learning of a range of subjects within a classroom setting.

Our co-curricular programme is designed to enrich, enlighten and complement this formal learning, introducing students to activities beyond the classroom, pushing them to try something new or unfamiliar.

We are committed to ensuring every member of our school community experiences a co-curricular package that provides valuable ‘cultural capital’ to take forward into the future.

Benefits of The Archbishop’s School Co-Curricular Programme

The co-curriculum consists of all the experiences our students can access beyond the taught curriculum. This can be before school, after school, during break or lunch, or a school trip. At The Archbishop’s School, we recognise the importance of building cultural capital and giving students the opportunity to bring their learning to life.

These experiences beyond the classroom broaden horizons and develop key skills of critical thinking, independent research and evaluation. These all offer crucial ‘added value’ to applications for interviews, be these for jobs or for further and higher education opportunities. Furthermore, the sheer variety of programmes on offer at The Archbishop’s School, will develop the confidence, independence, cultural awareness of every student within our community. We aim for it to be an ‘eye opener’ to new ideas, ultimately opening doors and increasing future chances of employability.

Our aim is for every student to be involved with at least one co-curricular activity throughout the year whether that be attending an after school club, or being part of a school trip relevant to their learning.

See our latest co-curricular timetable below.

There is no need to book onto these sessions, as a register of attendance will be taken. 

If you have any questions, please contact: 

Ms C Lidyard -

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