Careers Week 2024

Career Zones. Check out the 33 Career Zones on our website to learn about the industries you could go into, the different roles available in them, plus how to train for your dream job. Link:

Types of apprenticeships. Make sure you know the four apprenticeship levels, the entry requirements, qualifications you could gain and the kinds of roles you could go into. Link:

Pros and cons of university. If the rise of apprenticeships has left you confused about university, it may be a good idea to weigh up the pros and cons of uni and think about how they relate to your personal goals. Link:

What are T-levels? T-levels are a new post-16 qualification which you can choose from when you finish your GCSEs, providing technical and practical skills for the workplace. Link:

Project manager job profile. According to job site Indeed, this is the best job in the UK in 2024, based on things such as number of opportunities, salary and flexibility. Link: