Sixth Form Key Information

Our online offer is now up to date, and we are excited to be offering a variety of different courses

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Please click the link below to access our up-to-date online offer which includes;

A levels including Art, Biology, Chemistry, English Literature, Film Studies, Geography, History, Photography, Psychology and Sociology

Vocational courses including Business, Sport, Health and Social Care and Criminology. 

Before you decide what you would like to study, it is important to be aware of how courses will be structured. The following questions will help you judge whether or not the course you have in mind will help you:

  • Is it going to improve your range of qualifications?
  • Is it going to help you apply for the jobs or careers in which you are interested?
  • Is it going to enable you to compete for places in further education or employment? 
  • Are you going to cope with the workload?
  • Are you going to have enough work to do?
  • Are you going to enjoy it?

Our Sixth Form offers a supportive environment where students are able to build upon the qualifications, they have gained at the end of Year 11.

Our aim is to ensure that students have the qualifications, aptitude, and resilience to be successful in adult life and to obtain their personal goals.

We look forward to you joining The Archbishop’s School Sixth Form.

Introduction to Kent Choices

KentChoices is a free online prospectus and application system for young people to apply to sixth forms, colleges, training providers and apprenticeships. Visit the link below for more details: