Year 11 Parent/Carer Information Evening

November 3rd 2021 17:00 - 18:00

We are writing to inform you of our Year 11 Parents Information Evening on Wednesday 3rd November 2021 between 5pm and 6pm. We are hosting an information evening for parents as we have found it to be helpful in the past as we all work our way through what can be a difficult year for students and families. 

Obviously, the students are at a point whereby they will feel immense pressure to perform well in exams as they work towards their next steps in post-16 education. We would like to offer some support to you on how best to guide them through the year as easily as possible.

The evening is put on to support you as a parent / carer and will offer opportunities to discuss or hear about the following:

  • How to support your child through exam years and how to ensure the student’s wellbeing
  • Ways to learn a little more about opportunities for post-16 studies
  • Meet the Maths, English and Science department leads to hear a little more about how to support your child’s studies in these areas

We have purchased a ‘how to’ revision guide for each Year 11 student and hope to have that with them as soon as we are able, but this guide will also support you at home in guiding your child towards various techniques and ideas for revision.  We will also have for you a full list of all recommended revision guides for the appropriate courses your child is studying.

We would ask that you email should you intend on joining us on the evening as it’s important we are aware of the number of families attending. 

We believe it to be a key evening for all Year 11 parents and hope that you will meet with us to share ideas and information that you will find useful as we move through the year.  It will also provide you with an opportunity to meet various key members of staff that you will communicate with during the year.

We are one term into our Year 11 course, and it has been wonderful to see such dedication from the year 11 students towards their studies so far.  Last week we hosted ‘revision week’ which allowed students access to some revision guidance and advice each morning as part of their form time activities.  The students tell us they feel a little more confident in their ability to revise at home and are currently working on devising their revision timetables which hopefully they will share with you at home.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to raise any concerns about your child’s studies / wellbeing please do contact us. Your child’s tutor is the first point of contact but feel free to contact me as Head of Year 11 should you wish to. You can contact me by email on or by calling through to the school office on 01227 765805.

With kind regards


Mrs Janice Chambers

Teacher of Science / Head of Year 11