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Welcome to our Learning Support and Guidance Department

Our school’s core Christian values and ethos define all that we do for the support of our students with special educational needs and disabilities. Our shared purpose is to develop a positive and supportive learning environment where all young people can excel and take all that they have learnt, socially and morally in to the wider community as they develop as young adults.


  • Ensure that our students have a broad and balanced curriculum.                           
  • Have high aspirations of all our learners, irrespective of their challenges.
  • Provide a differentiated curriculum appropriate to the individual needs and ability of each student.
  • Ensure a person centered approach to learning.
  • Foster the development of confident young people who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • Develop a young person’s moral, spiritual and cultural understanding alongside their academic learning.


Visual Impairment (VI)

In-Class Support, Assistive Technology, Adapted Resources.

Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD)

In-Class Support, Bespoke Literacy Interventions, Assistive Technology.


For our students to optimise their learning and feel ‘mentally healthy’, we provide a safe, secure, nurturing environment. There is always someone at hand to help with any worries, large or small.

Learning Support Assistants

Within targeted lessons additional adults support learning and engagement. They help explain information to you in a different way, differentiate tasks and motivate and encourage you to succeed.

Outside Agencies

The department works closely with agencies such as CYPMHS, Early Help, Mentors, Counsellors and Health Professionals to ensure a holistic approach.

Clubs and Activities

Homework Club, Literacy Interventions, Social Club, Reading Book Club, Craft Group, Sports and Sensory Circuits, Handwriting and Typing Interventions, Study Skills Sessions.

Alternative Pathway Learning Journey - ICAN

ICAN Scheme of Work

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