At The Archbishop’s School we set out to deliver a PSHE curriculum that helps our students to gain the skills that they need to:

  • make good decisions about their behaviour and lifestyle
  • grow and flourish as confident and compassionate young people
  • explore their future career options
  • know how to keep themselves and others safe


Curriculum Implementation

Our PSHE curriculum overview shows the content that will be covered by KS3 and KS4 in each term.

Our PSHE curriculum is linked to our school values of compassion, forgiveness, hope, perseverance and wisdom, and each term focuses on a different value. 

Curriculum Impact

Within PSHE lessons, students are able to:

  • explore and express their attitudes, beliefs, rights and responsibilities within a safe environment.
  • understand where they can access support.
  • find out how to access accurate and up to date information to help support them.
  • better understand how to manage risks to themselves and to others.
  • develop resilience, self-confidence, self-esteem and empathy.
  • consider how our school values of compassion, forgiveness, perseverance, hope and wisdom are fundamental to their lives both inside and outside of school.

PSHE/RSE Learning Journey